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Absorption Chiller

Hot Water Absorption Chiller

  • Use green energy as the heat source.

  • Excellent partial load efficiency.

  • Carbon-free and environmentally friendly design.

  • Low vibration and noise under 75 dB.

  • Savings on maintenance costs.

  • Stable and efficient system.

Direct Fired Absorption Chiller & Heater

  • Designed to enhance the reliability and durability.

  • Energy saving and efficiency realized

  • Minimized power consumption due to precise operation and partial load operation

  • Repair and maintenance is easy. 

  • Below 75dB at 1m distance for noise level.

  • High performance & purge system.

Steam Fired Absorption Chiller

  • Eco friendly and energy-saving design

  • Reliable and efficient operation

  • Intelligent operation system

Absorption Heat Transformer - Heat Pump

Heat Transformer

  • An absorption heat transformer was developed to produce high-temperature energy by using medium-temperature energy sources in the factory process.

    An absorption heat transformer can be used in facilities with high-temperature waste heat sources to put the waste heat into good use.

Heat Pump

  • Absorption Heat Pump has been developed to produce medium-temperature energy by using high-temperature energy sources such as exhaust gas and low-temperature waste heat energy.

  • An absorption heat pump can be used to provide hot water for heating in a building or to supply hot water in a factory process by utilizing a waste heat source.

High Efficiency Air Cooled Screw Chiller

  • The counter-flow heat exchanger system has excellent heat transfer effect and high efficiency by exchanging refrigerant with outside air.

  • Use of high efficiency heat pipe and increase heat transfer performance by optimal arrangement of subcooler.

  • Installed Accumulator to actively respond to changes in pressure supplied to the system and alleviate hydraulic surges.

High Efficiency Water Cooled Screw Chiller

  • Protects expansion device by eliminating foreign substances from installed “filter drier” at the condenser refrigerant outlet .

  • Electronic expansion valves and orifice plates are being configured in parallel to allow more precise control of refrigerant circulation.

  • Venturi tube is installed on the oil pipe to draw evaporator oil of low pressure by using high pressure gas.

  • Oil filter and damper are attached on evaporator & condenser oil recovery device to protect lubricant in compressor.

Absorbsiyonlu Chiller Çalışma Prensibi

We recognize the significance of energy efficiency in preserving a livable world for future generations. With the energy conversion systems we produce, we aim for maximum efficiency with minimum input and lead the transformation for the better.

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