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Elektrikli Buhar Kazanı

Electric Steam Boilersrs

Efficient, Reliable, and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Electric Steam Boilers
Possibility to reach all desired capacities with modular system

High Efficiency
From over 99 %

Compact Design
​Smaller space requirement compared to conventional systems

Operating Pressue
Up to 20 bar

Low Running Costs
Obtaining the most output with the least input with high efficiency

Quick and Easy Installation
Quick installation and commissioning, unlike traditional boiler rooms

Zero Flue Gas Emissions​Zero emissions from COx or NOx since there is no combustion system

Flue System, Burner or Complicated Fuel Systems 
Design that does not require a stack system, burner or complicated fuel systems

At Barış Energy, we are pleased to offer our advanced electric steam boilers designed to meet the needs of various industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical production. Our electric steam boilers provide an optimal balance between efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability.

High Efficiency

Our electric steam boilers are designed for maximum heat transfer and minimum energy loss. Modern control systems optimize energy use according to demand, thereby preventing unnecessary energy expenditure. Additionally, fast heating times and low standby energy consumption further increase energy efficiency.

Compact Design

We understand that space can be limited in industrial facilities. Our boilers are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure without the need for extensive modifications. Unlike traditional liquid or gas-fueled systems, our boilers offer versatility in placement within your facility without the need for complex fuel preparation lines or waste flue systems.

Eco-Friendly Design

With zero emissions, our electric steam boilers offer a cleaner alternative to traditional fossil fuel systems, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and help you achieve your carbon-neutral goals.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

User-friendly controls and easy access to components simplify operation and maintenance, thereby minimizing downtime and operating costs.


Safety is our top priority. Our boilers are equipped with advanced safety features such as overpressure protection, temperature monitoring, and emergency shutdown mechanisms.


We recognize that every application is unique. We are ready to work with you to customize our electric steam boilers to suit your facility's needs based on an analysis of your requirements.

Technical Details

Steam Capacity:

Starting at 50 kg per hour, with the possibility to reach the desired capacity through a modular system.

Working Pressure:

Up to 24 bar.


We recognize the significance of energy efficiency in preserving a livable world for future generations. With the energy conversion systems we produce, we aim for maximum efficiency with minimum input and lead the transformation for the better.

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