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Steam Seperator

Steam Seperator Specifications

  • Provides efficient and economical solutions for processes that need dry steam

  • Provides efficient separation with centrifugal effect

  • Requires no maintenance due to having no moving part

  • Withstands unfavorable conditions and water hammer

  • Completely welded fabrication by certificated welders

  • Optionally stainless steel material is possible


  • Body shell and dished heads: EN 10028 / 2 - P265 GH, P295 GH, P355 GH

  • Tubes: EN 10216 / 2 - P235 GH Seamless boiler tube

We recognize the significance of energy efficiency in preserving a livable world for future generations. With the energy conversion systems we produce, we aim for maximum efficiency with minimum input and lead the transformation for the better.

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