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Custom Designed

Customer Benefits

  • Length is possible up to 12 mt (40 ‘)

  • Easy transportation is available because of the compact frame

  • Sound insulation is possible at the desired level

  • Thermal insulation is possible at the desired level

  • It is resistant to outdoor conditions

  • Two or more service doors are available

  • Ventilation, lighting, and fire system are up to request

  • Certified production BV or Loyd is up to request

Application Fields

  • Cogeneration systems

  • Diesel generator systems

  • Compressor stations

  • Modular heating or cooling stations

  •  Control panel and power rooms

We recognize the significance of energy efficiency in preserving a livable world for future generations. With the energy conversion systems we produce, we aim for maximum efficiency with minimum input and lead the transformation for the better.

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